New directions in Jewish studies 2021 calendar

The UC Davis Jewish Studies Program is pleased to announce the calendar for the New Directions in Jewish Studies 2021 Lecture Series. Please find more information below, as well as registration links.

Elliot Ratzman, Zipporah's Knife: A Jewish Reckoning With Race
Tuesday, January 12, 2020, 12 PM PST
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Caroline Luce, California Reds: Young Jewish Communists in the 1930s
Wednesday, February 10, 12 PM PST
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Moyagaye Bedward, Narrating Belonging: Haratin Performance of Indigeneity Through Moroccan Jewish History and Artifacts, 1934-1956
Tuesday, March 2, 12 PM PST
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Deborah Forger, The Embodied God in Ancient Jewish Tradition
Wednesday, April 14, 12 PM PST
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Maxwell Greenberg,  Palestine on the Pacific: Four Decades of Jewish Territorial Dreaming in Baja California
Tuesday, May 4, 12 PM PST
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